Crusade for Care works to support patient care at Fox Chase Cancer Center. The primary objective of creating this special fund was to support the spiritual and emotional needs of the patients and their loved ones affected by the cancer diagnosis.

Working with the Pastoral Care Department at Fox Chase Cancer Center, Crusade for Care strives to provide cancer patients and their children with resources to help them combat the everyday obstacles associated with cancer.



With the help of many dedicated individuals, Crusade for Care was created in 2006.

The inspiration behind creating Crusade for Care came in 2005 when my grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer at Fox Chase Cancer Center. During the six months in which he was fighting his battle, the changes to his physical and emotional health were drastic. Although he understood little English, he was strengthened by the simple actions of care displayed toward him. After he died, it became clear that the smallest expressions of compassion are worth the most in the eyes of a dying patient, and that kindness is a universal language.

A few months after my grandfather’s death, my brother and sister and I made a donation to the Pastoral Care Department at Fox Chase Cancer Center. It was inspiring to see how a small amount of money could have such a large impact. My mom, a Pastoral Care Chaplain, would share how the money was used to buy CD’s, journals and blankets for the cancer patients as well as stuffed animals and coloring books for their children.

Although such items are small and inexpensive, their impact inspired the creation of Crusade for Care as a sustainable fund for the Pastoral Care Department to continue distributing these resources.

Since 2006, Crusade for Care has hosted multiple fundraisers at the high school and college levels and has received numerous donations from individuals and small businesses.

On behalf of the Pastoral Care staff and the patients at Fox Chase Cancer Center, I sincerely thank all of those who continue to drive the mission of Crusade for Care forward.

Greg Klimowicz